The Founder, Raine Evans


Raine Evans is an 19 year old biotechnician and alchemical researcher, often revered for his work.
Raine started off small in his home state of Nevada, before moving on to do much bigger projects in Mississippi and Tennessee.
Raine began his research at the age of 13, being inspired by his dreams.
He lived with his parents and his sister Vailley
until he was 16, moving to Mississippi to work on further studies.


Raine's work began with programming video games and websites, before moving on to creating an artificial intelligence called R053.
Raine would then go on to focus on his research involving the human psyche, what makes the brain tick.
This would eventually lead up to his revolutionary idea of Endorphin Therapy, the reason you're here today.
Many of his ideas are used by doctors all over the United States, but you can only get the real deal here.